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  • Overview

    top siteOn first entry in the website, the default page is the "NATO C3 Main Page". This site contains only public information and cannot have users.
    top menuThe top menu provides access to each website. Each CaP / CaT / other informal group has its own website.
    anonymousThe top right corner indicates that no user is logged in. A click on "Sign In" will open a login window (see below).
    side menuIn the Side Menu the only available links are:
    • the Travellers Info. A click on this menu opens a window with general information for potential visitors to NATO HQ. These files can be downloaded.
    • the Disclaimer on the usage of data posted on this site.
    The other links are greyed out, which means that there is no information/document available at this level (more information below).

    Left Column

    missionThe centre of the page displays some general information on the current website.
    adminsBelow the general information, the "administrator" icon can be clicked to send an email to the administrator(s) of the current website. Enter your email address and the text of your message in the popup dialog, then click the Send button.
    annoucementsBelow is an area for Announcements that were posted on this website. Announcements can only be made by Administrators. They appear on the screen in full, don’t have to be accessed and cannot be edited or commented.

    Right Column

    logoOn the right, a thumbnailed picture shows either the logo of the current group (CaP / CaT) or an organisational chart. When you click on this thumbnail, a full size picture opens in a new window.
    logologoBelow there is some user information as to the membership of the present user to the page he/she is trying to access.
    logoBelow that there is a list of Events (normally meetings) relevant to the website. To open an event, click on its name (see View Meeting).

    Login (Members only)

    anonymousIf you don't log in, the top right corner will display "Anonymous" and the option "Sign In", on which you can click to log in.
    loginA click on "Sign In" will open a login window. This login is for members only. Non-members have no possibility to request membership here.
    loggedOnce you are logged in, this top right corner will display your name, and two options to log out and to manage your User Profile.
    memberWhen you select a site from the top menu, you will see if you are a member of this site.
    not a memberIf you select a site where you are not yet a member, you will be infomed as well, and you can request membership to this site.
    requestA click on "request Access" will open a dialog. Give a reason for your request and send.

    Request an Account (Non-Members only)

    not a memberAnyone who does not have a User Account must first select the site he wants to request access to, from the top menu. He will see that he is not a member of this site.
    requestA click on "Sign In" will now open a login window with a Request an account option. He can now request an account. A click on the button opens a new form.
    request formFill in the form and Save. This will send an email to the site administrator(s) who will check your credentials and open the account.

    Side Menu

    side menuThe side menu is always relevant to the presently opened site or folder. The entries are active (blue) when there is information available, they are passive (gray) when not.
    "Information" section
    Travellers infoProvides some useful information on how to reach and enter NATO HQ.
    DisclaimerLegal Disclaimer of Liability about information posted to these sites.
    FeedbackProvides the user a possibility to report bugs and malfunctioning or comment and make recommendations for improvements of the site.
    "Current Website" section
    CalendarShows a monthly calendar with the events scheduled for the current website (see Calendar Page).
    Reference DocumentsShows a list of reference documents for the current website (see Reference Documents).
    Site MapShows the folder structure of the current site (see Site Map).
    List of folders (Cap3 Mil, etc)In order to use the collaboration capabilities of a website, at least one folder has to be created in the side menu by the administrator. In this example we see CaP 3 folders, set up in order to accommodate their meetings in Military and Civil/Military Sessions (see Browse Page).
    "Current Folder" section
    FolderList of documents posted to the current folder (see Browse Page).
    DiscussionsOpens the Discussion Forum on the current folder. For details on this page, see Forum. This option may be active or inactive, depending on the Site Administrator choice for the folder.
    Authorized UsersProvides a list of users with access to this site/folder(see Authorized Users).
    AC/322Provides a list of AC/322 documents published to the current folder.
    If this option is greyed out, that means that no AC/322 documents are available in this folder. For details on this page, see AC/322 Documents.